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Rust Mood is an Italian and artisan brand, symbol of a varied lifestyle. In other words, a story rich in artisan experience and modern influences, which is pronounced by the new design of Miki Marcato, a 360-degree designer.
Thus was born a sophisticated research for style, a close connection between maturity and unconsciousness, past history and current events.  Interconnection between the symbolism of #native civilization and youth revolutionism, from the rock of the bikers ontheroad to the beats of pop culture, incorporating the carefree curiosity of travelers, naive spirits with rucksacks and dusty clothes.
To act as a common thread between these lines, the materials: privileged, those that have always accompanied man to emphasize the centrality of the essential relationship with nature.
A conceptual, innovative and at the same time vintage style. The product is not a simple object of a past fashion but a creation capable of narrating the story of one's life and previous ones, condensing them into something new and original.
Rust Mood is designed for those who still have the courage to make choices following their own spirit, free to be themselves.
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